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How it Works – 12 years of Online Executive Education
1)     engaged professional networking via the Alumni, student colleagues, and online continuing education
2)     largest online library in the world for financial services: CCH, Checkpoint, BNA, IBFD, IBLS, Westlaw-China,, anti money laundering services, Butterworths, Westlaw, Lexis, and many other wealth management databases, including multitudes of e-books and e-journals
3)     world’s top known faculty both professional and via their publications interacting “live” weekly (online lectures)
4)     asynchronously online course Q&A and academic support
5)     _weekly career service lectures, practical support, interviews with industry recruiters
6)     group and individual case studies, group and individual assignments, weekly study groups
7)     only program offering publishing support and editorial credentials to top performing students
8)     small class sizes of 10 – 15 students for optimal group collaboration and faculty interaction

Since 1994 through-out the world, Assoc. Dean William Byrnes has designed, authored, taught and built international tax & financial service programs for in-house counsel, executives, and firms’ rising stars tailored specifically to -
1) obtaining client work and new opportunities
2) increasing billable rates
3) career mobility
4) efficiency in managing outside firms
5) empowerment over foreign research and new technology/software trends
6) compliance / risk management!

Program students are employed by -
Ø banks,
Ø multinationals  company / trust service providers,
Ø wealth management firms,
Ø government departments / regulators, and
Ø law / accounting firms. 

A US Masters and Doctoral degree from an ABA accredited institution opens career opportunities globally.

Click Here for a Brochure Link: the new student handbook
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