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Professional Designations and Board Certifications

Professional Designations and Board Certifications are trademarked and awarded by professional board of standards and professional bodies, not by a law or business school. Law and business schools are educational service providers whose courses articulate via approval by a respective Board or Body to meet that Board or Body’s curricular criteria. 

Curricular Requirements –

Professional Designation and Certification eligibility requires (I) a graduate level education, (II) passing the examinations of specialized courses within a particular field, (III) a minimum professional experience level, (IV) abiding by a code of ethics, and (V) an obligation to annually obtain a minimum amount of hours of continuing professional education.

Within the Master (of Science) of Laws curriculum, listed below are the courses eligible for articulation for the requirements of criterion (II) “passing the examinations of specialized courses within a particular field”.


GAFM Recognizes Accreditation by the American Bar Association
Our alliance schools for Professional Certification Training and partners are fully accredited by the ACBSP, AACSB, American Bar Association or ISO Certified for 29990 and 9001.


The ABA Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has adopted a statement that no post J.D. or other graduate program is a substitute for the J.D. and should not be considered the equivalent of the J.D. for bar admission purposes. Students participating in an LL.M. are advised that an LL.M. does not prepare or qualify its students to engage in the practice of law; that the LL.M. is not intended to qualify students to take a bar examination. Because each State or Dependency (Puerto Rico, USVI, Guam, etc) has its own Bar admission requirements, contact the relevant State or Dependency Bar regarding any questions that you may have regarding its requirements to sit for its bar examination.