School of Law for Professional Certification Training offers a flexible online-learning environment for lawyers (LL.M.) and non-lawyers (J.S.M.) leading to specialized graduate degrees and certifications in 5 areas of concentrations in International Tax and Financial Services. The Program has been re-designed and re-structured to offer the optimal learning environment for all students, with special efforts made to guide the “technologically impaired.”

The re-design features a higher level of “real world” application for all courses, with professional-level feedback received on all assignments in a prompt manner. Special efforts have been made to foster an environment that engages all learners on a “peer to peer” level as well as on an “instructor to student” level that will leave engaged students with a network that will last a lifetime.

The Master's degree candidate requires eight courses to graduate. All students will take “Comparative Taxation and Financial Services” which is a survey class on core concepts from all concentration areas that will give students an opportunity to network with all students entering the program. The “Professional Writing and Dissertation” series will equip and guide students to complete the dissertation requirement on an area of interest by the time of graduation. These two courses complement the six core courses that students will take in the concentration area.

There are five concentrations all of our learners have an opportunity to focus on. They are:

1. Financial Services and Wealth Management

2. International Tax

3. U.S. Tax

4. Bankruptcy and Restructuring

5. Compliance and Risk Management

There is also an option to graduate without a concentration, allowing students to customize their courses.

Graduation Requirements for Degree Programs
To qualify for the Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree or for the Master of Science of Law (J.S.M.) degree, all candidates, whether in the Online or Residential Programs, must satisfactorily complete a course of study consisting of a minimum of 24 credits. In the Online Programs, LL.M. and J.S.M. students must complete all degree requirements in no more than a maximum of 36 credits during their course of study. All requirements must be completed within a maximum period of three years.

No more than eight credits may be transferred from another institution. Articulation agreements with a particular institution may provide for a higher number of credits to be recognized in the context of a dual degree or other special program, but in no case more than 12.


  1. Anti-Money Laundering
  2. Asset Management
  3. Bank Secrecy Act
  4. Business Bankruptcy
  5. Chartered Portfolio Manager & Investment Management
  6. Chartered Wealth Manager
  7. Civil Tax Procedure
  8. Comparative Taxation and Financial Services
  9. Consumer Bankruptcy
  10. Consumer Compliance
  11. Corporation Taxation
  12. Estate Planning and Taxation
  13. Financial Crimes and Institutional Security
  14. Income Taxation
  15. Insolvency Taxation
  16. International Taxation
  17. International Transfer Pricing
  18. Law of Banking & Financial Institutions
  19. Loan Workouts, Debt Collection & Foreclosure
  20. Partnership Taxation
  21. Professional Writing and Dissertation - Courses : 1, 2, and 3
  22. Special Topics in Taxation
  23. Tax Risks Management
  24. World-Wide Tax Systems


One course is 3 credit hours. Tuition is $1,475/credit (or $4,425 per course). * Subject to terms or change. Some certification, audit or continuing education courses may be priced differently.

Certifications and Professional Designations
The LL.M. Program courses are approved sanctioned by the AAFM ® - American Academy of Financial Management ® Graduates of select courses are eligible for professional certifications depending on LL.M. courses completed. Here are the certifications that successful graduates of relevant Diamond Graduate Law Courses can apply for. See Course Certification Requirements for the CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager_, CPM Chartered Portfolio Manager, CAM Chartered Asset Manager, CRA Chartered Risk Analyst and CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner