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E-Learning Live Law Lecture Delivery and E-Learning Platforms

Online Delivery using and

Here are Sample YOU TUBE VIDEOS about the deliver format and online learning.


Here is another sample Video: DIAMOND LAW VIDEO II

WIMBA live online video lectures require no downloads, allow all participants to see each other and speak just like residential training, and share computers screens, chat, and collaboratively work on documents.

Westllaw’s TWEN courseware features allow a professor to post his personal information and syllabus, view a course roster, and interact with students in the discussion board. The syllabus contains the broad weekly study schedule, a list of assignments and deadlines and grading.
Learning Framework

The Diamond program employs a dual pedagogical approach: legal education and that of business school. The Diamond program is grounded in jurisprudential legal education that is designed to:
• teach robust online research techniques using our large library
• fine-tune writing style for target audience
• correlate persuasive argumentation with citation to source and secondary authorities
• hone critical legal thinking skills

Unlike other programs, the Diamond program offers the opportunity to engage with practitioner-led practicum that review procedural, filing, and other practical compliance requirements.

Moreover the faculty present ideas in the context of business operations, organizing the students into team collaborative approach. Thus, the Diamond program employs business school techniques in the online classroom:

• case studies
• problem solving
• group-solutions and team building