William H. Byrnes, IV
    William H. Byrnes, IV - Founder of the Diamond Online LLM Program
    Associate Dean for Graduate & Distance Education Programs
    Phone: (619) 961-4212




    Jason Fiske

    Jason Fiske
    Program Director
    Phone: (619) 961-4217




    Wealth Program Manager
    Phone: (619) 961-4212



Global Law Faculty - To see an extensive list of our 20+ Doctorate Level Law and Taxation Faculty Members, please click on this link to our faculty Biographies or simply click on a law faculty link below.


Outside Professional Certification Review.

Counselor & Certification Review
Prof. G. Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM
Email: info at llmprogram.org


* Faculty are all Independent Contractors of the LLM Program who teach in specialized areas.