Student Testimonials

"To grow in my career, I knew I needed advanced training in the growing field of compliance and risk management. Only with School of Law for Professional Certification Training's online J.S.M. program, am I able to find it. I'm learning from my peers, as well as my instructors. I'm receiving the advanced training I need, from professionals with actual experience in the field. I'm very much enjoying my experience in the program and would recommend it to anyone serious about accelerating in a career in financial services, and compliance and risk management."
Adriana Davies,
Anti-Corruption Program Director, Quintiles,
GAFM Master of Science of Law (J.S.M.) Candidate

"The LL.M. program at GAFM draws law professionals from all over the world. I was able to learn from my peers, as well as my instructors. I very much enjoyed my experience in the LL.M. program and would recommend it to anyone serious about accelerating in a career in international tax and financial services."
Harry W. Brown, Esq., CPA, LL.M.
Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney,
GAFM Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program Alumnus, concentration in Bankruptcy and Restructuring

"The GAFM LL.M. program helped me understand the taxation of international transactions so I can now feel confident in talking about tax planning for international transactions, in my case dealing with controlled and non-controlled foreign corporations from a U.S. tax position."
Michelle Bertolini, LL.M.
Assistant Professor, University of Hartford, College of Business,
Adjunct Professor, GAFM Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program Alumna

"The online LL.M. program afforded me the opportunity to continue working while I completed my Master's degree at home. The world-class instructors are practicing attorneys who work in this field and each lecture they bring their own tricks of the trade and priceless practical insight to each class. I have worked with both professors and classmates from all over the world in this program, from legal and non-legal backgrounds.
I like the emphasis on a risk-based compliant approach to tax planning, and collaborating on group projects with people from Panama to South Africa helped me gain experience working with both language barriers, differing experience levels and seemingly impossible time zones. This program gave me much more than I expected, and I would recommend it to anyone serious about accelerating a career in international tax and financial services."
Natasha Cluff, LL.M.
Instructional Designer, Master of Laws (LL.M.) and Master of Science of Law (J.S.M.) Programs, GAFM ,
GAFM Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program Alumna

"Initially, I was slightly apprehensive about studying over the internet. However, this soon dissipated and I found the whole experience both fascinating and rewarding. The online J.S.M. degree from School of Law for Professional Certification Training helped me differentiate myself from other compliance officers in the market. It also helped me expand my research ideas in a more in-depth manner."
Ben Holt, J.S.M.
Director, Compliance, Barclays Capital,
GAFM Master of Science of Law (J.S.M.) Program Alumnus, concentration in Compliance and Risk Management

"[The] Walter H. & Dorothy B. Diamond Graduate International Tax Program offers a unique opportunity to study dynamic areas of law …. The program's unique delivery transcends global boundaries and imparts knowledge on an unequalled diversity of students and lecturers alike."
Brodrick Penn,
British Virgin Islands Financial Commission, Deputy Director

"During my employment with the United States Department of Justice, Treasury and
presently the United States Department of Homeland Security the hard work for the LL.M in International Tax provided me with exceptional knowledge foundation. The knowledge foundation assisted in complex investigations that addressed international money laundering, banking fraud and national security matters."
Enzo Cannizzo,
U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, Special Agent

"The LL.M. program ... offers superior education in a forum that is most accommodating for the student, facilitated by excellent professors who are working professionals in their field. Enrolling … was one of the best investments I’ve made for myself."
Nasrat Hakim,
Alpharma Pharmaceutical Inc, V.P. Global Compliance

"The LL.M. program … attracts the best legal practitioners from all over the world and the friendships and contacts made during the program are a valuable asset for any lawyer pursuing an international legal career. I also very much enjoyed the interaction with the faculty. They are, to a person, brilliant but approachable."
Phong Lai,
Citigroup, Inc., Asst. Vice President

"This program is the best on-line delivered program and the most rewarding experience ever." 
Bernadeth Prentice,
KPMG, Supervisor

"The program was a lot more interesting and challenging than I ever thought it would be. As a corporate lawyer, I never realized how interesting tax could be. The highlights included all of the international tax structuring courses. The format of the course also works surprisingly well. You can build up a rapport with people you have never seen just by interacting over the internet."
Juliana Goldenberg,
Elementis America Inc., Corporate Counsel

"Professor Byrnes has created a highly academic yet practical LL.M. program that I can recommend to my colleagues. This adds real value to my firm’s tax practice."
Oliver Massmann,
Duane Morris, Partner

"It is apparent that the MS of Laws in International Tax & Financial Services at School of Law for Professional Certification Training is highly respected program by my employer, because since I started in late 2009 I have been assigned to a number of National and International projects. This year I transferred to a new Operating Division that focuses on international employment tax issues… I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to be recognized as a progress employee by their employer."
Stephen Polak, CPA
Senior Internal Revenue Agent, US Department of the Treasury – IRS

Global Community

School of Law for Professional Certification Training's graduates live and work both nationally and internationally. Our Graduate Program in International Taxation and Financial Services has more than 1,000 alumni located throughout the United States and in more than 80 countries.

Our graduates use their legal education in both the private and public sectors. They are at leading law firms and financial institutions. They include judges, elected officials, and high-level executives. They continue to use the quality education they received at School of Law for Professional Certification Training to provide outstanding legal and financial services and to enhance the quality of life in their communities.
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