Tuition & Fees

This Online LLM, JSM and JSD degree program is offered from the School of Law for Professional Certification Training campus in San Diego, California, USA. School of Law for Professional Certification Training is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the American Association of Law Schools.

Tuition and Fees for Audit (Continuing Education) and Degree

Please consult the annual program brochure which may be obtained via contacting an admissions officer. Tuition is stated “per credit hour” and includes course and lecture access, course and lecture software, full online law and business library access, Westlaw ID, Lexis ID, access to the alumni and student network, and a permanent academic transcript.

Book and Materials

A week before a course begins, access to each course syllabus will be provided that contains directions of how to acquire any required or suggested books and materials beyond those contained in the online law and business library. Almost all required and suggested books are available online as e-books via direct purchase from the publisher. Some are available via third party online stores such as Amazon and other discount providers.

A student should budget purchasing book and suggested materials between a minimum $50 and a maximum $250 per course.

Fees for In-house Programs

Please contact Associate Dean William Byrnes to establish a Terms of Reference (TOR) from which an in-house budget may be established.

Via Distance

In-house programs may be taught via distance using either Polycom video conferencing or using a multipoint webcam based system.

Via Residence

In-house programs may be taught in residence. In residence programs may be held at Thomas Jefferson’s state-of-the-art campus in San Diego or can be held on alternative premises globally.

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